Cleaning a carpet is always a chore, especially when it contains tough stains. Getting a specialized cleaner is always a good solution to consider in this regard. Choosing the right carpet cleaner can let you remove most of the stains and dirt from your carpet efficiently. 

Difference between little green and spot clean

The market is flooded with the Best Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine options. Most of these contain similar characteristics. So, here we will learn about the difference between little green and spot clean to let you make a better decision. 

Introduction to Little Green 

Little Green is the original version of the Bissell series. The efficient performance of this product makes it more appealing among others. This is a lucrative entry-level carpet cleaner with a fine range of tools inside the box. It can easily lift away the messes from your carpets, car interiors, upholstery, and more. 

Most importantly, Little Green has started an intuitive of saving pets. Each purchase from Bissell supports BISSELL Pet Foundation. The purpose of this initiative is to help in saving homeless pets. 

Introduction to Spot Clean

Spot Clean Proheat is comparatively a newer carpet cleaner in this comparison. So, you can expect improved technology with this Spot Clean model of BISSELL. This is overall an efficient cleaner that can even satisfy the needs of even demanding customers. 

It has a small difference in its hose design compared to Little Green. Additionally, the self-cleaning tool has made it a breeze to get a cleaning machine. 

Little Green vs. Spot Clean: Tank capacity 

The tank capacity of Spot Clean is 37 ounces. This is the biggest difference between little green and spot clean. As Little Green has a tank with 48 ounces capacity. Overall, Little Green can give you a higher opportunity to clean more between tank refills. 

Moreover, you can easily remove tanks of both cleaners to refill and empty. Tanks also have special plugs to avoid leaking. 

Little Green vs. Spot Clean: What is included in the box?

The box of Little Green Includes a trial-size formula with different cleaning tools. These include:

  • It has a 3-inches Tough Stain Tool that can scrub and suck tough to remove stains from your carpets, upholstery, and even auto interiors. 
  • Trial size Spot & Stain formula with Febreze Freshness can offer you a refreshing scent and bright cleaning during the entire process. 
  • You can easily rinse out the hose of your cleaner with the tool HydroRinse self-cleaning after every use. 

On the other hand, Spot Clean contains three different cleaning tools with Spot & Stain Formula in its box. These include:

  • Spot & Stain Formula by PRO OXY removes stains permanently with a fresh scent. 
  • It also has a HydroRinse tool for self-cleaning to clean the machine efficiently after every use. 
  • The deep Stain tool will deliver the formula into the carpet's fibers to eliminate tough messes. 
  • It also has a tough stain tool of 3-inches to scrub and suck tough stains from everywhere. 

However, if you have pets at home, you can go for Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Review for quick removal of pet hairs from upholstery, carpets, and auto interior. 

Final thoughts 

So, here we have details on the difference between little green and spot clean. Using this will certainly make it easier to choose the right product.